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Auto Frosted Color LCD Dimmable Electric Glass Window Film Tint with Remote Control

Auto Frosted Color LCD Dimmable Electric Glass Window Film Tint with Remote Control

Any size glasses are available to be equipped with.Max lcd window tint wide size is 1500mm , length no limited . As soon shows your size , Zeelang can be offer to you .

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Product Details

Frosted color LDC electric glass window film tint , dimmable tint.

Dimmable tint description 

Smart film is one of the latest technological breakthroughs, enabling glass to be isntantly transformed from a clear state to an opaque state by the flicking of a switch. 

When Power off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented, scattering light and the smart film becomes opaque (frosted, private). 

When power on, the liquid crystal molecules align and incident light passes through, the smart film instantly becomes clear (transparent).

electric tints.jpg

Optical PropertiesVisible Light TransmissionON>83%
Visual AngleON150 degree
UV BlockingON/OFF>98%
Electrical PropertiesOperating VoltageON69V AC
Response TimeON==>OFF0.002s
Power ConsumptionON5w/m2/hr
SpecificationDurable Temperature-30℃ to 100℃
Life Time>100000 hours
OtherColorWhite, grey, pink... as your requirements

Electric tints features       

1) Privacy Protection

Transparent (Power on), frosted but light pervious (Powder off) in high switching speed. It's instantaneous to make the film from completely transparent to fully opaque.

2) Energy Saving

Electric frosted window film Only 5W low power consumption per square meter per hour when power on.

60% infrared blocking, to reduce heat radiation and transfer;

98% of UV blocking, to protect interior furnishings from color-fading or aging, and protect personnel from diseases caused by ultraviolet radiation.

3) Sound Proofing

4) Diversified Control

It can be controlled by wall switch, dimmer, remote control tint, light, temperature sensor, remote controller, etc.

5) Easy installation & controlling mode

With simple structure, low cost, easy installation, and easy controlling mode, there is no need for complicated installation of curtains and subsequent clean-up.

6) Any size glasses are available to be equipped with Max lcd window tint wide size is 1500mm , length no limited


Electric window tint film acessories 

Car transformer and remote, install guid, install tool

window tint film.jpg

 Electric window film tint application

 lcd window film application.jpg

Project case

Our Project .jpg



Q : Do you have dimming function ?

A: Our auto window tinting with dimmable function when connect to professional transformer

Zeelang is a professional PDLC Film supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale auto frosted color lcd dimmable electric glass window film tint with remote control from our factory.

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